Galvanising process


Malleable iron is initially cast as white iron which, after casting, is subject to a lengthy annealing process which strengthens the cast iron. The annealing process consists of rapidly heating the casting to approximately 950⁰C, followed by a slow controlled cooling period. This annealing process distinguishes the product from non-malleable cast iron pipe fittings in micro structure and physical characteristics. Specifically, annealing improves the machinability, ductility, and durability of the metal by … Read More →

MING® heat treated & hot dipped


Ming® galvanised fittings are cast in a sand based mould from metals with minimal impurities. The casting process takes place at a temperature of approximately 1200 °C. Once cooled the fittings go through an annealing process creating the tensile strength expected of MING® Quality fittings Ming® galvanized fittings are heat treated to enhance the tensile strength through iron crystal conversion. The hot dipping creates a corrosion resistant finish. This process involves immersion of a … Read More →

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