FIG 940 - Standpipe

MING hot dipped malleable iron fitting are each individually pressure testes to ensure pin hole free quality. Each fitting is coated with a light oil to prevent corrosion on the threads which conforms to ISO 7-1 (BSP Standard) and ensure a perfect seal for the fittings lifetime.

Pressure Conversion
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Dimensions Table

940/015x01501/2" x 150mm15mm x 150mm
940/015x02001/2" x 200mm15mm x 200mm
940/015x03001/2" x 300mm15mm x 300mm
940/015x04001/2" x 400mm15mm x 400mm
940/015x04501/2" x 450mm15mm x 450mm
940/015x05001/2" x 500mm15mm x 500mm
940/015x06001/2" x 600mm15mm x 600mm
940/015x07501/2" x 750mm15mm x 750mm
940/015x09001/2" x 900mm15mm x 900mm
940/015x010001/2" x 1000mm15mm x 1000mm
940/015x012001/2" x 1200mm15mm x 1200mm
940/020x01503/4" x 150mm20mm x 150mm
940/020x02003/4" x 200mm20mm x 200mm
940/020x03003/4" x 300mm20mm x 300mm
940/020x04003/4" x 400mm20mm x 400mm
940/020x04503/4" x 450mm20mm x 450mm
940/020x05003/4" x 500mm20mm x 500mm
940/020x06003/4" x 600mm20mm x 600mm
940/020x07503/4" x 750mm20mm x 750mm
940/020x09003/4" x 900mm20mm x 900mm
940/020x010003/4" x 1000mm20mm x 1000mm
940/020x012003/4" x 1200mm20mm x 1000mm
940/025x01501" x 150mm25mm x 150mm
940/025x02001" x 200mm25mm x 200mm
940/025x03001" x 300mm25mm x 300mm
940/025x04001" x 400mm25mm x 400mm
940/025x04501" x 450mm25mm x 450mm
940/025x05001" x 500mm25mm x 500mm
940/025x06001" x 600mm25mm x 600mm
940/025x07501" x 750mm25mm x 750mm
940/025x09001" x 900mm25mm x 900mm
940/025x010001" x 1000mm25mm x 1000mm
940/032x03001 1/4" x 300mm32mm x 300mm
940/032x04001 1/4" x 400mm32mm x 400mm
940/032x04501 1/4" x 450mm32mm x 450mm
940/032x05001 1/4" x 500mm32mm x 500mm
940/032x06001 1/4" x 600mm32mm x 600mm
940/032x07501 1/4" x 750mm32mm x 750mm
940/032x09001 1/4" x 900mm32mm x 900mm
940/032x010001 1/4" x 1000mm32mm x 1000mm
940/040x01501 1/2" x 150mm40mm x 150mm
940/040x02001 1/2" x 200mm40mm x 200mm
940/040x03001 1/2" x 300mm40mm x 300mm
940/040x04001 1/2" x 400mm40mm x 400mm
940/040x04501 1/2" x 450mm40mm x 450mm
940/040x05001 1/2" x 500mm40mm x 500mm
940/040x06001 1/2" x 600mm40mm x 600mm
940/040x07501 1/2" x 750mm40mm x 750mm
940/040x09001 1/2" x 900mm40mm x 900mm
940/040x010001 1/2" x 1000mm40mm x 1000mm
940/050x01502" x 150mm50mm x 150mm
940/050x02002" x 200mm50mm x 200mm
940/050x03002" x 300mm50mm x 300mm
940/050x04002" x 400mm50mm x 400mm
940/050x04502" x 450mm50mm x 450mm
940/050x05002" x 500mm50mm x 500mm
940/050x06002" x 600mm50mm x 600mm
940/050x07502" x 750mm50mm x 750mm
940/050x09002" x 900mm50mm x 900mm
940/050x010002" x 1000mm50mm x 1000mm
940/065x01502 1/2" x 150mm65mm x 150mm
940/065x02002 1/2" x 200mm65mm x 200mm
940/065x03002 1/2" x 300mm65mm x 300mm
940/065x04002 1/2" x 400mm65mm x 400mm
940/065x04502 1/2" x 450mm65mm x 450mm
940/065x05002 1/2" x 500mm65mm x 500mm
940/065x06002 1/2" x 600mm65mm x 600mm
940/065x07502 1/2" x 750mm65mm x 750mm
940/065x09002 1/2" x 900mm65mm x 900mm
940/065x010002 1/2" x 1000mm65mm x 1000mm
940/080x01503" x 150mm80mm x 150mm
940/080x02003" x 200mm80mm x 200mm
940/080x03003" x 300mm80mm x 300mm
940/080x04003" x 400mm80mm x 400mm
940/080x04503" x 450mm80mm x 450mm
940/080x06003" x 600mm80mm x 600mm
940/080x07503" x 750mm80mm x 750mm
940/080x09003" x 900mm80mm x 900mm
940/080x010003" x 1000mm80mm x 1000mm
940/0100x01504" x 150mm100mm x 150mm
940/0100x02004" x 200mm100mm x 200mm
940/0100x03004" x 300mm100mm x 300mm
940/0100x04004" x 400mm100mm x 400mm
940/0100x04504" x 450mm100mm x 450mm
940/0100x05004" x 500mm100mm x 500mm
940/0100x06004" x 600mm100mm x 600mm
940/0100x07504" x 750mm100mm x 750mm
940/0100x010004" x 1000mm100mm x 1000mm
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