FIG 960 - Black Socket Reducing

MING black malleable iron fitting are each individually pressure testes to ensure pin hole free quality. Each fitting is coated with a light oil to prevent corrosion on the threads which conforms to ISO 7-1 (BSP Standard) and ensure a perfect seal for the fitting’s lifetime.

Pressure Conversion
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Dimensions Table

960/0015x0010½” x ⅜”15mm x 10mm35
960/0020x00153/4" x 1/2"20mm x 15mm38
960/0025x00151" x 1/2"25mm x 15mm44
960/0025x00201" x 3/4"25mm x 20mm44
960/0032x00151 1/4" x 1/2"32mm x 15mm49
960/0032x00201 1/4" x 3/4"32mm x 20mm49
960/0032x00251 1/4" x 1"32mm x 25mm49
960/0040x00151 1/2" x 1/2"40mm x15mm53
960/0040x00201 1/2" x 3/4"40mm x 20mm53
960/0040x00251 1/2" x 1"40mm x 25mm53
960/0040x00321 1/2" x 1 1/4"40mm x 32mm53
960/0050x00152" x 1/2"50mm x 15mm63
960/0050x00202" x 3/4"50mm x 20mm63
960/0050x00252" x 1"50mm x 25mm63
960/0050x00322” x 1¼”50mm x 32mm63
960/0050x00402” x 1½”50mm x 40mm63
960/0065x00252½” x 1”65mm x 25mm72
960/0065x00322½” x 1¼”65mm x 32mm72
960/0065x00402½” x 1½”65mm x 40mm72
960/0065x00502½” x 2”65mm x 50mm72
960/0080x00203” x ¾”80mm x 20mm71
960/0080x00253” x 1”80mm x 25mm71
960/0080x00323” x 1¼”80mm x 32mm71
960/0080x00403” x 1½”80mm x 40mm71
960/0080x00503” x 2”80mm x 50mm71
960/0080x00653” x 2½”80mm x 64mm71
960/0100x00254” x 1”100mm x 25mm84
960/0100x00324” x 1¼”100mm x 32mm84
960/0100x00404” x 1½”100mm x 40mm84
960/0100x00504” x 2”100mm x 50mm84
960/0100x00654” x 2½”100mm x 65mm84
960/0100x00804” x 3”100mm x 80mm84
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